I saw mainly at night. As all this places it was once a Roman's. Then Slavs called it Gradez (town, like Hradez Kralove in Czechia), then Germans captured it, then Slavs were back. Than Rudolph Founder united German speaking people and freed them from Ottokar of Moravia. He started Austria. later Hungarians ruled, then Turks devastated the region. Pest etc. Jews were expelled in 15th century. In 20th century the synagogue was destroyed again, in 2000 it was rebuilt, but is empty.

We rented car. New road
sign for us, Israelis!
"You are on the main road"
is not used in Israel - too
bald drivers!
In such fine places
people work!
Recreational and sport
activities are welcome!
Beer in fortress. M. thinks
that the beer was the main
cause of her cough.
Graz below (above) and above (see below)
Clock tower in the fortress Fortress itself This well was dug by Slav
prisoners to the depth of 94
meters! From up the hill till
Mur river.