Bad Ischl

Nice and gemutlich. Here everyone and his wife drank waters. The last great Caesar of Austria - Emperor of Austro-Hungary Franz Joseph loved to live and hunt here. He ruled almost 70 years (1848-1916), the best is to read Musil and J. Roth. Hašek also goes.
His time was not easy: revolution in the beginning, lost last territories to Italy, lost to Prussia, mutiny of Hungarians led to double monarchy (K.-K. or K & K - that is what called Kakania by Musil), the only son took his life, brother - emperor of Mexico was executed (Joseph Brodsky wrote about him in "Мексиканский дивертисмент"), the marriage was not easy, and Empress was assassinated in Geneva, the heir was shot, and the First World War broke.

Nice town

Great musical traditions: Brukner, Lehar.
Place of Emperor and Empress.
Elizabeth was called Sisy
from childhood.
Elizabeth (Sisy)
went to Geneva
and never returned!
Mountains and Moon seen from everywhere.
On the mountain funicular defunct - not enough snow