Once a Roman site, then a place for salt production, a place of archbishop till beginning of the 19th century. A fortress also.

Salzburg at night
Tools of salt miners.
Once there were quarrels
for salt. One archbishop
was imprisoned by Pope
till the end of his days.
Nowadays it is not sold
on the market
But many things for
tourists are on
Eggs to put on Xmas
tree, for example
Main attraction -
Mozart (born here).
He was fired by
archbishop and
moved to Vienna
Great academy for
music - Mozarteum
Place of birth. There is
a not so strong museum.
Place of birth in
Kitchen of those times One can by full video with
 opera, music is real but
 video is of puppet show
Archbishop burned Jews
and expelled others in 1404
But the street name
persisted "Jewish street"
Golden chamber of
His personal toilet Remnants of religious
 life - call to support
Christian kids of the
Holly Land
Big cathedral was consecrated
 in 774, 1628, 1959.
Peter and Paul seen.
Nice views of Salzach river and city Here was the place
to rinse horses. There
are some problems:
water froze and
no horses
But one free to move
chess knights and bishops.
Big and small chess sets
are ready
Glass protects old sculptures, reminds Louver      
Residence and a lot of churches for archbishop
Views from below on fortress Hohensalzburg Sun clock errs by
30 min, see mechanical
clock above.
What is on clock :))?
Tree shadow!
No way to know

Nice views of the city from fortress

Last glimpse before
leaving: Sun is mirrored
by something like window
Military museum in fortress
Old guns are higher than man
Holster turned into butt WW1: gas mask, wire
cutter, hand grenade
WW1: Austrian
infantry in Nazi uniform
I found what IDF is
missing: good ski for Alps