Formerly a great capital of Rome Empire of German nation, Austria Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire. Now a European city. We arrived there on the way to Graz, but spent about 24 hours, because it was my year day of my mother's of blessed memory, and I was to find a quorum is a synagogue. It seems, that it can be found only in Vienna of all Austria. And it is the country had once > 100 000 of Jewish people! Their history here is uneven - burned and expelled in 15th century, but still left Jewish street  in many towns (Judengasse, Judenplatz), returned in 18th century after tolerance measures of Joseph II, very successive after rights granted in 1848 and equality in 1867. But all this till 1938... 

This synagogue was not destroyed in 1938
Was too close to living house to burn it
But of course the prayer
is in a small room. Women's
gallery is a chair in corridor
Vienna suffered a lot
from Turks attacks.
Once they fled and
left a lot of coffee.
Viennese people are
very accustomed to
it since then
Metro is good, but not beautiful Famous Opera! The architect took his life.The second
died from heart attack. Mahler accepted Christianity to
lead it. Under the opera there is a musical toilet, like in
Pelevin's story about Vera Pavlovna.
Twin museums are on Maria-Theresa Place. Much more popular is for art, and not for science.
Breugel room is excellent. We also visited Figaro house, where the opera was written, interesting and warm.
Inside Art museum And nearby: palaces, Ring. People are helpful.
Cathedral of Stephan and nearby central places.
Mozart changed a lot of places, his museum is nearby,
very good place. He was popular musician and earned
well, but spent a lot and lost money on cards. Still
genius number 1, and studied much. Not true
that he wrote all without corrections. Mozart also an
active free mason. His patron may be a prototype of
Three operas use libretto written by L. Da Ponte -
former Jew, former priest.
The roof is very special.