We went from Vienna to Graz

The flight was cancelled and the bus was provided instead. Flight takes 45 minutes, bus takes two hours. Add also registration and security and you arrive to equality. The bus started in the strong rain with dirty windows, crossed saddle point and arrived to sunny Graz, still with dirty windows though. In the middle of the travel I started to see something strange indeed...

Nobody really paid attention    
  to anything, but have a
good look on clouds..
  Still stronger. See colors
    Here I passed to the front
seat of the bus. Some
tourists also made a
  Nobody could tell though
if it it a usual thing:
it is not a rainbow and not
Lights of North
  Just clouds in colors!  
Rabbi Akiva was asked, who produces better thing:
Almighty or a man?
- A man - was the answer
- How come?
- Just compare raw wheat and bread!

Here we see two Almighty products: usual and multicolored clouds, and
a man produced trace of the plane. Whose are better? See better below.

The phenomenon is known as Circumhorizontal arc