Munich, the cold summer of 2007
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The city is famous as an art center. The most decisive year was 1907, when Wassily Kandinsky with a group of adepts started a new page. They were surely influenced not only by impressionists, but also by cubists, however they developed a totally new page, and arrived to abstract art. During Nazism the school was not  encouraged.  There was a "Degenerative art exhibition" slightly reminding Soviet excesses in 1970 ("bulldozer exhibition"). Kandinsky flew to Paris and died there in 1943. Paul Klee returned to Switzerland. In USSR their achievements were also disliked. Many paintings were put into basement and eventually destroyed by fire ;-\

Me coming to nice Lehnbach
house for exhibition.
Original design for Jubilee:
100 years after 1907!
One of paintings that gave name
to the group "Blue Rider".
Franz Marc fell in WW1
Painting of St. Ursula church to left by WK and itself now.
The photo is mine, but at night. The tower is packet,
its state is not good. Any money to spare?
Progress to abstract by WK, Gradually figures go away: Policeman, St. George, Red Spot, Composition. But something stays: spear, painter himself. Even in the fourth paintingin the right below corner the artist is clearly seen. "Various parts" -
indeed they are seen
Alexei von Jawlensky: "Archangel" and "Love". But the
latter seems like a Hassidic head with curls.
Paul Klee: "Intoxication" (they drink a lot here), "Lion" Composer A. Schoenberg
produced the painting

Pre-Kandinskite seems
obsolete - how many times
you can cut Joann's head?

Miscellaneous views

New Jewish center
on Jacobplatz.
Crane is not inside!
If kosher restaurant closed,
use vegetarian. The name
means innocent person,
like in "The Idiot".
The place is nice,
but ask "pure veg"
If the restaurant is closed
use banana and beer
But some beer can hack you!
Munich grass can provide
necessary rest after too
hard work and/or much beer.
If things are really bad,
God forbid, many subway
stations have medical equipment!
The state of art Matrix?
No, central metro station.
Effect is magnified by mirrors 

This is the view on Switzerland.
They proclaimed a strike!
So, I was forced to go via Athens
and arrived to Israel one hour before
Shabbat! It is a shame that
Swiss pilots strike, while in
Africa people starving.


Morning Day Sunset Night, St. Lucas,
Isar waterfalls
View on river Isar at night
near island Prater
According to my guide
in Russian Lenin lived here.
There are also walking trips
here to Hitler's places,
but I had no time and saw
only Lenin's.
Other luminaries were:
Tutchev,T. Mann, E. Kestner.
Non-standard memorial
for some good
minister Montegals
in 18-19.
Differs to good side
from most pompous
Great philosopher
Schelling. Influenced
at least two Russians.
Tutchev, Turgenev.
In Turgenev's book
"Nakanune" one tries to
explain Schelling, but roman
cannot let it.
Landtag - local Parliament,
named after Maximillian, who
proposed its building. Impressive.
This is not an emanation,
coming from angel
on the roof, but a fountain.
Angel on the roof brings
revelation of basketball
rules . However people
did not understand it.
View from Landtag
on Maximillian str. I
walked through it all.