Preparations to bar-mitzvah

Part 1 Western wall

Most of commandments one starts even in childhood, but phylacteries are permitted only close to religious coming of age, seriously starting one month before.
So, on 17th of December 2007 (8th Tevet 5768) with arrived to the Western Wall for a nice start. Tefillin was purchased beforehand, it is in bags on the first picture. Psychologically interesting that almost all choose black, like phylacteries, some blue, but almost nobody other color.

From left: Yehuda (friend),
Gedalia (junior twin), Nehemiah (senior twin),
Hananel (friend).
Bags are for phylacteries (tefillin).
Gedalia, Levi, Nehemiah.
Wall is behind, one can easily see,
where big Herod's stones end
The same group in tefillin, but Yehuda is
too small: 12.5.
Really back to the Wall.

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