Elisheva visits Argentine, 2005

Elisheva had a great welcome from Judy and Jorge Kitroser, our relatives in Buenos-Aires.

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From left to right, Elisheva with junior Kitrosers: with Ariel in the office of his father, with Nicolas and both.

Elisheva had a great welcome also in Cordoba of Argentina.
With Jorge to the left, and his mother Gloria to the right.
 After dinner. Elisheva is in center, to her left side Gloria. To the right side Jorge's sister Mimi. The three are flanked by Mimi's sons Gabriel (in blue) and Andres. In Cordoba a street, plaza and school are named after Marina Kitroser, Jorge's aunt with husbands family name Waisman. Mimi, Elisheva, Gabriel in front of the school with some pupil. Felix is Jorge's uncle, his wife Sarah and Elisheva
Elsiheva is on 2500 meters above the sea level. Near Cordoba.

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