Family site of Kitrossky family, updated on 29d of August 2011

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Miriam ( Marina), nee Sheinina    

    Levi ( Lev) Kitrossky

and their seven kids

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See here our town
and our home on the upper floor.
Click an enjoy house hunting in Israel!

Updated 23d March 2010, new: Wedding of Yosef Kitrossky and Mali Mirilashvili

Wedding: Leah and Senya, 8 September 2011

Rome and Naples, 2010


Wedding of Yosef Kitrossky and Mali Mirilashvili

Dina goes to army 2008, first pics


Russia trip, July 2008

Poet Kushner evening

Bar-mitzvah celebration

 Preparations to bar-mitzvah

Munich in 2007

Fire in our house

Business trip to Austria, but pleasure also involved

Images of 2007, Shifra finishes course and others

Business trip to Munich, Dec. 2006

Visit to Athens, November 2006

Visit to US 2006

Army events in fall 2006

Miscellanious family images 2006

Trip to the center of Israel, March 2006

Levi visits Lisbon, March 2006

Galina (Marina's mother) is 75!

Leah travels in India, first pics

Poet Alexander S. Kushner visits Israel

Yosef goes to army

Elisheva's travel

Business trip to Amsterdam 2004

Italy trip 2004

Parents memorial page

Very old pictures mostly BW

Snow in Jerusalem-2003

2003, I have digital camera! Great thanks to aunt Olya!

Great! My cousine graduates university!

Tour to Prague

Yosef - bar-mizva

From Russia with love - 2000

Winter 1998-1999 - Ein-Gedi, twins, friends

See children with kangaroo, Leah in SPb


Articles for "Chidushei  Torah@NDS" in English.

  1. How did Talmud divided inheritance between 3 widows (2001)
  2. Do We Know Tekhelet (Biblical Blue)? (2003)
  3. Women@NDS and women@synagogue (2004),
  4. When was the first Sabbath? (2006)
  5. Case Study: Religious Anti-Zionism among Newly Observant Jews in the USSR, 1980-1990 (2008) The same in PDF.
  6. Thou Shalt Not: Nay I Shall Not/Aye, I Shall Not (2009)
  7. Cosmology in Judaism (2011)

See my (Levi's) blog  on Live Journal (in Russian) , my Face Book, Page on Russian Classmates

My autobiography for book "36" is here.

Verse of Galina Sheinina in Russian (Marina's mother), also Fragments from life, described by herself

Уточненная версия собрания стихотворений в формате PDF здесь.

Книга Галины Шейниной в формате PDF : "С Дегтярной улицы шагая по векам" .

Обложка книги

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